Monday, August 31, 2015

At the end of 2014, Sun King made the headlines when we decided to cut ties with our distribution partners because we were producing beer at Indiana’s maximum legal rate of production for a Small Brewer and without changes to Indiana’s archaic laws governing breweries, Sun King would not be able to sustain the business in our home market throughout 2015. Producing more than 30,000 barrels— a limit set forth by state law – would have had dire consequences to our business. Exceeding the limit would eliminate Sun King's ability to operate our Tasting Room and distribute our beer close to home. Both of these things are part of our DNA and paramount to our success as a small, independent, homegrown brewery.


At the begining of 2015, Sun King joined forces with Three Floyds to create the Support Indiana Brewers public action campaign, which allowed thousands of Hoosier Craft Beer Enthusiasts to voice their support for updating Indiana’s laws governing breweries. Thanks to the support of so many citizens and the help of our allies in Indiana’s House and Senate, we were successful protecting Indiana’s Small Brewer’s right to operate Tasting Rooms, while raising the production cap to 90,000 barrels and protecting the right to self-distribute up to 30,000 barrels.


Following our wins at the State House, our expansion efforts have allowed us to produce more beer and beginning today, Sun King is making our first step back into wider distribution!


We have re-engaged Monarch Beverage to cover 18 counties in North-Central Indiana and they will once again be distributing Sun King to Blackford, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Delaware, Fountain, Henry, Howard, Jay, Madison, Miami, Montgomery, Randolph, Tipton, Tippecanoe, Warren, Wayne, and White counties.




We will be talking with various distributors throughout the state and our goal is to have Fresh•Local•Beer available statewide by Spring of 2016… It is important to note that we will only add new distribution territories when we are comfortable that we can consistently supply them with the quality and consistency that our customers have grown to expect and enjoy.


We are grateful for the continued support of Craft Beer drinkers throughout Indiana and look forward to the opportunity to continue our mission of Enriching the Lives of Hoosiers, One Pint at a Time.